QIO Success Stories

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Qualis Health Expands Diabetes Self-Management Education through Community Partnerships


Diabetes is one of the most serious health concerns today, placing physical, emotional and economic burdens on every aspect of society.  Additionally, there is clear evidence of healthcare inequities among racial groups. For example, individuals from African-American, American Indian / Alaska Native, Hispanic, or Asian backgrounds are... full story

Choosing Wisely: Reducing Low-Value Services for Medicare Beneficiaries


The United States spends upwards of $220 billion annually on low-value healthcare services that confer little or no clinical benefit while exposing patients to unnecessary risk, and research indicates that over 40% of Medicare beneficiaries received low value care.

Choosing Wisely® is a national initiative of the American Board of... full story

Qualis Health Emergency Room High-Utilizer Program Achieves Results


Individuals with complex healthcare needs tend to incur disproportionately higher costs than others, and their healthcare needs are often exacerbated by social determinants of health, such as lack of housing or transportation. Qualis Health’s Emergency Room High-Utilizer Program was established to address the challenges of care for high-utilizing... full story

QAPI in Action: Pilot Leads to Infection Control and Prevention Success

South Dakota


As one of 20 facilities chosen to participate in the Clostridium difficile (CDiff) Reporting and Reduction Project pilot project beginning in July 2016, Aberdeen Health and Rehab in South Dakota has been successful in implementing effective... full story

Kearny County Hospital’s Innovation Drives Community Health Change



People living in the unhealthiest counties of Kansas are dying too early and at more than twice the rate of those in the healthiest counties. Kearny County Hospital, located in Lakin, Kansas, 50 miles from Colorado, is one of the lead organizations for the Communities of Care work currently underway. ... full story